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Our research to find out if Easy forex is the best forex broker using actual user feedback and un-biased broker reviews.  We’ve uncovered that their platform and brokerage facility is hailed positively among clients. Most of the negative about Easy Forex feedback we uncovered was centered around the platforms differing trade placement and margining style to metatrader 4 (MT4), which is a very common platform first used by fx traders before stepping up.Whilst compiling a forex broker rating out of forex broker reviews on this broker we found many many users from all over the world that are extremely happy with their choice of using Easy forex.  It seems once the people who are familiar with MT4 get their heads around easy forex’s differing style.  They find it gives them more control and a more transparent trading experience.  Many traders give Easy Forex their top forex broker rating.

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Easy-Forex®  Details

Easy-Forex® is a world renowned Forex broker, being sourced by traders in 150 countries.  They have nine offices around the world in different countries with their head office located in Cyprus.  

They have an online forex trading platform, i.e its web based (not downloaded).

Striking Features:

  • Provide you with a personal account manager that you have phone, email and instant messenger access to.
  • Does not require the download of software. Secure online platform. Log on from any computer to see the free forex charts provided.
  • Easy Forex is one of the first Forex brokers to give clients the ability to deposit straight from credit card.
  • Inside viewer™ feature that allows you to see the most popular currency pairs traded by other Easy Forex clients and the direction they are trading them.
  • Trade controller™ feature enables you to see all profit and loss scenarios of an active market position.

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Consumer Feedback

A good trader knows how to recognize a good platform when he/she uses it and believe me, i used 2-3 platforms myself. This patform is the only one that does not empty my pockets with hidden costs, commissions and fees. I read reviews about non guaranteed stop loss and bad comments but only one who used different platforms can see the money this one saves…

Portion of actual user feedback from amazon.com.

I totally enjoyed a 100% control to my account and full transparency.

Portion of actual user feedback from amazon.com.

I have been a client and traded actively with them (Easy Forex)
for years and they have been great right from the start.

Portion of actual user feedback from forexpeacearmy.com.

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