JC Lyons

JC Lyons

jc lyons picJC Lyons has only recently developed its English translated web site and services so gathering a clear idea of whether they are the best forex broker in English was rather difficult.

For this reason we translated many sites in order to gather a better consensus of whether JC Lyons is the best forex broker for performance.

Our findings from Spanish and French language sites have proved to be some of the best forex broker reviews around. With particular respect to beginner traders. Many a forex broker rating of JC Lyons purports its, the first of its kind, visual based and learning platform is exceptionally easy to use. Its perfectly suited for people just starting to learn currency trading and it delivers everything an experienced trader requires also.

Many new, but also experienced traders, give this broker their top forex broker rating due to its innovation in visual charting abilities. Viva la revolution!

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JC Lyons is Our Top Charting Package & Broker Recommendation

JC Lyons Details

JC Lyons is rather new and promote themselves as a company dedicated to Forex promotion and innovation.  It was created by financial and systems professionals and designed to give beginner traders the simplest visual based platform to start trading on, with educational benefits built in so you learn as you go.

JC Lyons is by no means only for beginners.  They have a range of different platforms with free forex charts to suit differing levels of skill and knowledge in the forex market.  The platforms available are Global Trade, Forex Trend, Forex Marathon, Forex Charts, Trade Box, JC Highway and for more experienced currency traders, JC Highway Advanced.

Striking Features:

  • A range of Visual based platforms for ease of understanding.  Excellent options for the forex ‘newbie’.
  • Toll free phone support and same day email support.
  • As you trade educational courses for beginner level traders.
  • Cash prizes for traders with the highest profits.
  • Ability to see the trades being taken by JC Lyons 100 most successful clients.

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 JC Lyons is Our Top Charting Package & Broker Recommendation

Consumer Feedback

Whether we should recommend a platform, JC LYONS is a great option because it is the first platform designed for beginners.

Portion of actual user feedback from forexpeacearmy.com.

… victorious combination of financial knowledge and a device of easy

Portion of actual user feedback forexpeacearmy.com.

…a great way to learn forex ins and outs is to start with JC
Lyons…” (Rough translation).

Portion of actual user feedback from forex-learning-site.com.

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JC Lyons is Our Top Charting Package & Broker Recommendation